CIVL 316 – Hydro-Technical Labs

Purpose of this website and the collected videos

This site contains the instructions to help students complete the Hydro-Technical Labs in the ‘Rusty Hut’. The labs can be found on the left sub menu. Each lab has written instructions and videos that will help you learn how to safely use the equipment and follow the correct procedures for a successful lab experience. You may access the website and the videos on your mobile device while in the ‘Rusty Hut’ just in case you need a refresher and if the TA is not available when you might need some help. If you are still unsure about operating the equipment after watching the videos please consult the TA or the instructor.

New Feature: The Walk-Through

We are experimenting with a new feature, called the Walk-Through. You can have a POV walk-through experience of the Rusty Hut and the equipment in it by clicking on ‘Walk-Through’ on the left menu. Once you are there you’ll find a menu that will take you directly to each of the labs. You’ll find the videos there, also. Plus, there are future updates coming.


Your feedback on the videos and the ‘Walk-through’ is wanted. Please go to and take the survey located at the bottom of the left menu.